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Appetizers, entrees and dessert at three different places!! #bucketlist #HappyEaster
Obsessed. Best way to start a warm Saturday morning!! @starbucks coffee.

Tech + Digital + PR News: 10 Things To Know This Week

17. April 2014

Tech + Digital + PR News: 10 Things To Know This Week


Stories to know this week:

1. Over the course of three months, Mazda posted images and videos on Instagram that plotted the course of a Mazda vehicle. Neat marketing on Instagram. 

2. PR agencies, like Weber Shandwick, have started using data tools to identify target audiences and study behavior.

3. Google debuted their modular phone conceptat Project Ara Developer’s Conference. Very exciting…

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Problems With Blogger Outreach + The Shift to Influencer Marketing

16. April 2014

Problems With Blogger Outreach + The Shift to Influencer Marketing

InfluencersThere are numerous problems with blogger outreach programs and reaching out to bloggers blindly to cover your brand or new campaign.

  1. Finding them on a blogger database often yields inaccurate data.
  2. You want free promotion, but bloggers need and want to get paid.
  3. The blogger you find may not match your brand voice.
  4. The bloggers you target may already cover a competitor.
  5. The bloggers you find and…

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Celebrating Diversity: Highlights from “The Next America” report from Pew Research

14. April 2014

Celebrating Diversity: Highlights from “The Next America” report from Pew Research

There’s no doubt America is changing. We’re becoming majority non-white at the same time a record number of people are going gray. Pew Research’s new book The Next America draws on research “to paint a data-rich portrait of the many ways our nation is changing and the challenges we face in the decades ahead.” 

As you’ll see below, the older and younger generations tend to not think alike or vote…

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Took my @starbucks out to the #beach today!! What a beautiful day.

Changing the workplace dress code

10. April 2014

Changing the workplace dress code

I hate getting dressed up. I never wear makeup. I’m terrible at doing my own hair. I’m not really a girly girl. You’ll find me in yoga pants or basketball shorts and a sweatshirt at home.

That being said, I’ve never seen the point in getting dressed up to go sit at a desk for most of the day. Dress pants, button up shirts and suits are so uncomfortable and who really wants to be dressed in that…

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My favorite scarf. No filter needed for this beauty! #stylemeapril #coasttocoastchallenge #livecolorfully
I love visiting the Stamford Innovation Center! Floors of open workspace rooms for #startups and entrepreneurs.