Caffeinated Thoughts of LG

Lauren here -- these are just my random pictures in my life, thoughts and laughs at a lot of things. No other way to describe it. Harry Potter Always.

  • Such a great morning!! #colorrun #colormerad #photooftheday

  • Thrilled to be at MetLife Stadium for my second #ColorMeRad run!! #5k #fitness #colorrun

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  • #NationalTequilaDay is tomorrow!! Time to celebrate early. @desperados_us #client #seizethenight

  • Such a great time at the #beach today!! Summer is the best.

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  • I grew these!! And more to come! #gardener #cleaneating

  • I don’t miss #NYC most days, but loved this view from the Google office today. Gorgeous day!

  • #Tequila at work. So good. #client

  • simplypotterheads:

    We are still getting a lot of questions about blood status, so I’m going to make one final post, and then I am officially retiring myself from the topic.

    It is really important to note that, first and foremost, blood status is a social construct in the wizarding world used to rank people, with…

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  • Harry Potter -> quotes

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